"The Cable Guy"
Scott Hunter, Harley Everett

The Cable Guy (Men.com)

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You must have at some point in time being in the office or walked past someone's office and thought 'fuck, he's hot, why doesn't he ever come into my department'? Well, that's pretty much the story here with what happened to me. I had not long started working at the office when I was walking down the corridor to the server room when I walked past the office door of an incredibly hot, tall and tattooed guy and he caught my eye.

I knew I wanted that guy but I had to think of some way that wasn't lame to get to meet him. It was when I got to the server room that I had a flash of inspiration. If I unplugged his laptop from the network, he would be forced to call IT and I would have to go and check out the 'fault'. At least I would get to meet him. So, without further a-do, the cable to his office mysteriously fell out of the wall.

Sure enough the call came in, in no time, I had to visit, it wasn't something I could fix from my office. So, I got there and through some careful deduction, I found out that this guy had been surfing the web for porn too so it was probably just as well I caught him out anyway!

It was a bonus that he had been made horny from looking at all that porn. No sooner had I leant over to help fix his issues than his hand was on my arse and we were at it like animals.

So, again, I found myself on a desk testing the strength of the welds in its metal legs as this giant of a man started hammering my arse, pushing my face into the desktop until he got what he wanted, shooting a thick load all over me.

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