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This page is a page to show you all the latest offers, to provide you with links to the studios I work for and those which I am affiliated to.

I won't lie, if you use any of these links, I will (hopefully) get a little pocket money. Don't worry, the membership for you won't be affected but I get a cut of the money going to the studio.

Most people don't know that porn actors only get paid once. We don't get royalties but if you want to support your favourite porn actors, use these links to ensure they get some money from your membership.

Also, watch this page for any amazing deals and discounts which I can offer you on the sites.


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Hard Brit Lads Scott Hunter Cocksure Men
Actor List:
Shane Frost (Lucas Entertainment) Mark Long (Next Door Raw) Jimmy Visconti (Lucas Entertainment) James Dixon (Bulldog Pit) Lucio Saints (Alphamales) Adriano Carrasco (Lucas Entertainment) Luke Vogel (Young Bastards) Enigma (TIM Fuck) Alex Silvers (Hard Brit Lads) Tomas Brand (Lucas Entertainment) Drake Jaden (Men Over 30) James Jones (Lucas Entertainment) Topher Di Maggio (Men.com) Jake Richards (Hard Brit Lads) Addison Graham (Lucas Entertainment) Bennett Anthony (Titan Men) Jake Richards (The Hunter Diaries) Ray Han (Raging Stallion) Tyler Rush (Titan Men) Nate Karlton (COLT) Mickey Taylor (Men.com) Derek Parker (Lucas Entertainment) Joseph Rough (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Luke Desmond (Eurocreme) Devin Dixon (Raging Stallion) Mario Delazarius (World of Men) Tyson Reade (Raging Stallion) Alex Graham (UK Naked Men) Luke Adams (COLT) Landon Conrad (Men at Play) Brad (Maskerbate) Tom Paris (Cocksure Men) Gio Cruz (Alphamales) Max Cameron (TIM Suck) Matt Stevens (Men Over 30) Shay Michaels (Bareback That Hole) Christian Matthews (Butch Dixon) Angel Rock (Hot House) Theo Reid (Hard Brit Lads) Johnny V (Falcon) Paul Walker (Lucas Entertainment) Dirk Caber (Fetish Force) Jack Giles (Raging Stallion) Rio Silver (Alphamales) Toby Dutch (Men at Play) Jordan Boss (Falcon) James Hamilton (Cocksure Men) Aaron Steel (UK Naked Men) Julio Rey (Butch Dixon) Mickey Rush (Cocksure Men) Leo Domenico (Men at Play) Jay Black (World of Men) Josh West (Titan Men) Rogan Richards (Men at Play) Matthew Bosch (Titan Men) Tex Davidson (Titan Men) Rafael Carreras (Lucas Entertainment) Thomas Ride (Cocksure Men) Fostter Riviera (Lucas Entertainment) Adrian Toledo (UK Naked Men) Dorian Ferro (Raging Stallion) Seth Treston (Lucas Entertainment) Max Cameron (Bareback That Hole) Drew Sumrok (Lucas Entertainment) Hugh Hunter (Bareback That Hole) Axel Brooks (Men at Play) Landon Conrad (Raging Stallion) Mike Dozer (Raging Stallion) Matt Hughes (Alphamales) Seth Roberts (Alphamales) Jessie Balboa (COLT) Casey WIlliams (Titan Men) Spencer Reed (Alphamales) Ben Grey (Hard Brit Lads) Caleb Roca (Men at Play) Lucio Saints (Tim Tales) Alex Kaine (TIM Fuck) Jamie Del Rey (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Ray Nicks (Titan Men) Davey Anthony (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Harley Everett (Men.com) Paul Walker (Men.com) Jimmy Durano (Raging Stallion) Alexander Gustavo (Hot House) Mark Sanz (Lucas Entertainment) Logan Moore (Lucas Entertainment) Devin Adams (Titan Men) Travis Saint (Breed Me Raw) Darius Ferdynand (Hot House) Blake Daniels (Lucas Entertainment) Justin Cruise (Lucas Entertainment) Fabio Stallone (Lucas Entertainment) Alex Stan (Kristen Bjorn) Jacob Lee (Lucas Entertainment) Jed Athens (Lucas Entertainment) Enzo Rimenez (Men at Play) Shaw (Sean Cody) Ivan Gregory (Lucas Entertainment) Charlie Harding (Cocksure Men) Andy West (Breed Me Raw)
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