Scott Hunter, Adam Champ

Stag (Titan Men)

Stars of this scene:

Cleaning up dishes in the kitchen, Adam Champ is approached from behind by Scott Hunter'who wraps his big arms around the dark-haired hunk's massive frame, eliciting a smile.

The two engage in a sultry kiss, shedding their shirts to reveal their huge chests as Scott licks Adam's hairy pec. Adam slowly pulls down his sweatpants, his thick, uncut cock popping out. Scott engulfs it, working it up beautifully.

Spit strand connects his mouth to the tool, side shots capturing the deep suck. Adam pulls down his foreskin to show off his rod, Scott sucking away before nibbling the sheath. The two kiss, their monster chests rubbing.

Adam feasts on Scott's bright red throbber, jacking as he gets face fucked. Scott bends over the kitchen counter, getting eaten and then fucked from behind.

Scott's stiff cock and tight sac bounce with each deep thrust. On his back, Scott's hairy legs graze Adam's as the top pounds away before they squirt..

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Photoset: Titan 2 (Stag)

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Hard Brit Lads Scott Hunter Kristen Bjorn
Actor List:
Johnny V (Falcon) Trelino (Raging Stallion) Ryan Young (Hard Brit Lads) Troy Daniels (Titan Men) Morgan Black (Lucas Entertainment) Rogan Richards (Titan Men) Randy Jones (Alphamales) Jay Bentley (Titan Men) Jessy Ares (Butch Dixon) Dani Robles (Men at Play) Fabio Lopez (Lucas Entertainment) Jack Dobris (Cocksure Men) Adam Soulska (COLT) Alessio Romero (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Rocco Steele (Raging Stallion) Decon Hunter (Young Bastards) Dolan Wolf (Butch Dixon) Issac Jones (World of Men) Scotty Rage (Bareback That Hole) Steven Richards (Titan Men) Paul Walker (Lucas Entertainment) Alex Stan (Kristen Bjorn) Cutler X (Breed Me Raw) Trojan Rock (World of Men) Dustin Steele (Cocksure Men) Sam Bishop (Hard Brit Lads) Mark Sanz (Lucas Entertainment) Justin D'Angelo (Eurocreme) Spencer Reed (Alphamales) Topher Di Maggio (Men at Play) Titch Jones (Bulldog Pit) Anthony Verruso (Lucas Entertainment) Rocky Torrez (World of Men) Jessie Colter (Fetish Force) Mike Tanner (Titan Men) Donnie Dean (Raging Stallion) Mitch Vaughn (Cocksure Men) Delta Kobra (Butch Dixon) Dirk Caber (Fetish Force) Thomas Ride (Cocksure Men) Addison Graham (Lucas Entertainment) James Ryder (Hot House) Boomer Banks (Raging Stallion) Leo Domenico (Men at Play) Kayden Gray (Bulldog Pit) Logan Rogue (Lucas Entertainment) David Benjamin (Titan Men) Tyler Rush (Titan Men) Harley Everett (Men.com) Tony Orion (Raging Stallion) Liam Magnuson (Titan Men) Diesel Washington (Titan Men) Darius Soli (Breed Me Raw) Daniel James (UK Naked Men) Sean Zevran (Falcon) Liam Magnuson (Raging Stallion) Mickey Taylor (Young Bastards) Brayden Forrester (Titan Men) Adriano Carrasco (Lucas Entertainment) Spencer Reed (Men.com) Mark Coxx (UK Naked Men) Micahel Laughlan (Lucas Entertainment) Rado Zuska (Kristen Bjorn) Adam Dacre (Men at Play) Connor Kline (Hot House) Tyler Wolf (Lucas Entertainment) Aleks Buldocek (Titan Men) Kayden Gray (Hard Brit Lads) Alex Marte (Men at Play) Shane Frost (Lucas Entertainment) Seamus O'Reilly (Club Inferno Dungeon) Joe Gunn (Alphamales) Scott Hunter (COLT) Trenton Ducati (Raging Stallion) Esteban Del Toro (Raging Stallion) Robin Fanteria (Butch Dixon) Daemon Sadi (Breed Me Raw) Beau Reed (Breed Me Raw) Andy West (Breed Me Raw) Dallas Steele (Titan Men) Bruce Jordan (Butch Dixon) Thor Larsson (Titan Men) Jimmy Durano (Raging Stallion) Landon Conrad (Falcon) Nick Sterling (Falcon) Jake Mitchell (TIM Fuck) Andy O'Neil (Eurocreme) Max Cameron (TIM Suck) Darren Robins (Bulldog Pit) Brad Patton (COLT) Marty Loket (Cocksure Men) Adam Russo (Breed Me Raw) Alfie Stone (Butch Dixon) Dan Broughton (Hard Brit Lads) Caleb King (Titan Men) Alex Marte (Butch Dixon) Tim Kruger (Tim Tales) Hans Berlin (Titan Men) Daniel (Sean Cody) Adam Russo (Bareback That Hole)
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