"Scott Hunter and Tyson Tyler"
Scott Hunter, Tyson Tyler

Scott Hunter and Tyson Tyler (Hard Brit Lads)

Stars of this scene:

Sexy hung young stud Tyson Tyler has a hot passionate session with muscular power bottom Scott Hunter, who gets his throat fucked hard and deep, before getting his arse stretched with deep wet fingering and intense fucking.. climaxing with a huge cum facial... Awesome chemistry from the start, that just gets hotter and hotter..

Our big muscle lads start off with some passionate kissing and groping, both of them sporting major stiffies in their shiny sports shorts the second they start touching each other.. Being a major lover of huge dick, Scott can barely keep his hands off Tyson massive throbbing bulge.. they take turns licking and sucking on each other nipples, muscular pecs bulging whilst keeping each other hard.

Scott drops to his knees, rubbing and squeezing Tysons bulge in anticipation, before pulling his shorts down. His big thick heavy dick hangs down slightly, and Scott takes it in his hand and opens his mouth wide, slowly swallowing as much as he can. He gets about three quarters of the way down, then slowly starts sucking. Tyson dick swells and hardens in Scotts mouth as he sucks..

As he gets it good and wet with plenty of spit, he sucks harder and deeper.. forcing it to the back of his throat, with a strong push from Tyson, he swallows the entire length of it right down to the balls.. some very intense deep sucking follows, then Tyson starts to fuck his mouth and throat.. awesomely hot.. Scott releases his rock solid dick from his shorts as he deepthroats..

When he cant take any more, Scott stands up, and Tyson gets down on his knees to demonstrate his own cock sucking skills, getting it really wet and sucking with strong deep strokes, then effortlessly swallowing it right down to the base.. He reaches under to rub Scotts hole as he sucks him deep.. Then Scott fucks his mouth hard, his cock throbbing so hard it looks like he is going to spunk his load at any second..

They move to the sofa, Tyson lays back holding up his thick meat. Scott lays on his side, next to him, to give him another hot sucking.. its not long before Tyson is gripping his head and fucking his mouth again..

Laying on his back now, on the floor, Scott holds his legs back, arse in the air, and Tyson pulls his arse cheeks apart to give his hole a seriously good licking, getting his tongue right in there, then his finger..

Scott is on all fours now, Tyson kneels next to him, and drops a couple of bit dollops of spit onto his hole, rubbing it in.. he pushes his finger in, then slides it in and out, making Scott moan.. He fingers him deep and hard, pulling his finger out and pulling his arse apart to show his hungry hole opening and tightening..

Remaining on all fours, Tyson rubs his dick against Scott wet hungry hole, teasing him for a moment, then starts to push it in.. He goes in slow, not all the way to start, and begins sliding it back and forth, bit at a time.. as Scott gets used to it, he starts to push back a little, making some very horny noises, and Tyson starts to fuck deeper.. he fucks with steady long strokes, then starts to fuck harder.. We get loads of very horny angles, and Scott has such a fucking horny arse too.

Next, Scott is standing, leaning against the sofa. Tyson teases his hole again, before pushing that big dick back inside him.. He starts off slow again, shallow fucking showing plenty of length.. then starts to ramp it up a bit, fucking him deeper, fucking him harder. Both of them are hot and sweaty now, muscles bulging, and the fucking is really hot.. Tyler pulls all the way out then plunges it back in again to continue fucking hard..

Scott is on his back on the floor now, with Tyson kneeling over him, getting Scott to suck him off one last time as he shoots his load.. Scott beats away at his dick as he gets his mouth fucked by Tyler, and its not long before he is spraying his bulging abs with hot jizz... Tyson cant hold back any more, and taking his meat in hand to jerk himself for a moment as Scott opens his mouth, tongue out to taste Tysons hot spunk.. and a moment later Tyson shoots a really good creamy load over Scotts face and into his mouth.. he keeps on spunking onto Scotts tongue, squeezing out every last drop.

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