"Hunter Diaries: Scott and Jake"
Scott Hunter, Jake Richards

Hunter Diaries: Scott and Jake (The Hunter Diaries)

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Having started to talk to Jake online shortly after a tweet from a fellow follower, we got on well so I decided to invite him to come and visit given that he has a beautiful dick and I wanted to have a go on it.

Being the kind and giving guy that he is, Jake kindly agreed to help me out by giving my arse a feel for his meat. The long, slick shaft has the nicest, thickest vein I've seen in a while and he has a lovely, forever-precumming piss slit which, as you'll see in the film never stops feeding me.

We had a great time meeting each other and if the explosion at the end of the scene is anything to go by, so did Jake! I can vouch, it tasted good!

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Actor List:
Geoffrey Paine (Lucas Entertainment) David Lambert (Lucas Entertainment) Tyler Wolf (Lucas Entertainment) Alessio Romero (Club Inferno Dungeon) Mike Dozer (Raging Stallion) Dirk Caber (Alphamales) Patrick Tyson (Cocksure Men) Scotty Rage (Cocksure Men) Joseph Rough (Lucas Entertainment) Stas Landon (Lucas Entertainment) James Jones (Lucas Entertainment) Julio Rey (Kristen Bjorn) Liam Magnuson (Lucas Entertainment) Harley Everett (Men.com) Dato Foland (Men at Play) Troy Daniels (Titan Men) Jacob Lee (TIM Fuck) Mario Domenech (Butch Dixon) BJ Rhubarb (Lucas Entertainment) Sebastian Rossi (COLT) Paul Walker (Men.com) Paddy O'Brien (World of Men) Gabriel Phoenix (UK Naked Men) James Dixon (Bulldog Pit) Rado Zuska (Kristen Bjorn) Denis Vega (Men at Play) Antonio Miracle (Butch Dixon) Shaw (Sean Cody) Delta Kobra (Butch Dixon) Sean Duran (Men Over 30) Jamie Del Rey (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Adam Russo (Bareback That Hole) Colt Rivers (Raging Stallion) Luke Vogel (Young Bastards) Scott Hunter (Titan Men) Matt Brooks (Hard Brit Lads) Scott Hunter (Kristen Bjorn) Raff Owen (Lucas Entertainment) Matthew Bosch (Titan Men) Jason Kingsley (COLT) Mario Delazarius (World of Men) Shane Frost (Lucas Entertainment) Tim Kruger (Tim Tales) Joe Gunner (Lucas Entertainment) Tom Wolfe (Alphamales) Paco (Men at Play) Tom Paris (Cocksure Men) Bobby Hart (Bareback That Hole) Alex Kaine (TIM Fuck) James Ryder (Hot House) Alex Marte (Butch Dixon) Saxton West (Lucas Entertainment) Anthony Verruso (Lucas Entertainment) Bradley Cox (Hard Brit Lads) Daniel Scott James (Hard Brit Lads) Matt Stevens (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Kayden Fleming (Falcon) Darius Ferdynand (UK Naked Men) Gabriel Vanderloo (Men at Play) Billy Santoro (Men at Play) Vaclav Chovanec (Kristen Bjorn) Colton Grey (Lucas Entertainment) Patrik (Men at Play) Issac Jones (World of Men) Bob Hager (COLT) Tony Orion (Raging Stallion) Tyler Rush (Titan Men) Jessie Colter (Fetish Force) Sean (Sean Cody) Quentin Gainz (Next Door Raw) Jay Black (World of Men) Gio Cruz (Alphamales) Cylus (Cy) Kohen (Bareback That Hole) Jake Lewis (Hard Brit Lads) Charlie Harding (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Daniel (Sean Cody) Trevor Spade (Cocksure Men) Jessy Ares (Butch Dixon) Fabio Stallone (Raging Stallion) Mack Manus (Titan Men) Mark Brown (Cocksure Men) Hugo Vergari (Men at Play) Liam Magnuson (Raging Stallion) Ryan Young (Hard Brit Lads) Shawn Wolfe (Raging Stallion) Trenton Ducati (Lucas Entertainment) Dirk Wakefield (Lucas Entertainment) Adam Killian (Lucas Entertainment) Jessy Ares (Men at Play) Fabio Stallone (Lucas Entertainment) Viktor Rom (Men at Play) Billy Santoro (Hot House) Scott Hunter (Lucas Entertainment) Adam Ramzi (Falcon) Nova Rubio (Lucas Entertainment) Sean Xavier (Lucas Entertainment) Mickey Rush (Cocksure Men) Jeremy Stevens (Raging Stallion) Lucio Saints (Alphamales) Hunter Marx (Titan Men)
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