"Off The Hook - Scene 3"
Scott Hunter, Marc Dylan

Off The Hook - Scene 3 (COLT)

Stars of this scene:

The sexual tension in the office builds as co-workers Lucas Knight and Hunter Page blow off their workload to enjoy some very unsupervised guy watching on the internet.

The action on their computer screens has them both rock hard as they continue to watch Athletic super-stud Scott Hunter and muscle-pup Marc Dylan come together on the screen for a hot and heavy show of mutual attraction.

Scott kicks back as Dylan eagerly feasts on his juicy uncut meat. Stroking and bobbing on each other's hard cocks, these guys really get their dick juices flowing.

The suck-fest soon becomes a feeding frenzy as the taste of cock sends them into overdrive. Scott's frisky tongue goes south of Dylan's ample ball sack and then down below for a deep and probing rim job.

Feeling that tongue lapping at his hot hole makes Dylan's cock twitch. Stroking himself to the boiling point Dylan lets loose a fiery, white hot load.

With his face still buried in Dylan's muscled butt Scott follows Dylan's lead and shoots a white hot gusher, drenching himself in cum.

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Actor List:
Adam Champ (Titan Men) Mike Tanner (Titan Men) Landon Conrad (Raging Stallion) Chris Bines (Hot House) Scott Hunter (Tim Tales) Tony Gys (Men at Play) Oscar Roberts (Hard Brit Lads) Enzo Rimenez (Men at Play) Jason Kingsley (COLT) Robin Fanteria (Butch Dixon) Lucio Saints (Kristen Bjorn) Daemon Sadi (Breed Me Raw) Chris Hollander (COLT) Connor Kline (Hot House) Tony Wilder (UK Naked Men) Beau Reed (Breed Me Raw) Liam Magnuson (Lucas Entertainment) Fabio Acconi (Falcon) Christian Matthews (Bareback That Hole) Nova Rubio (Lucas Entertainment) Toby Dutch (Lucas Entertainment) Randy Jones (Alphamales) Tyson Tyler (Hard Brit Lads) Boomer Banks (Raging Stallion) Edu Boxer (Men at Play) Drew Brody (Hard Brit Lads) Decon Hunter (Young Bastards) Andy West (Breed Me Raw) Scott Hunter (Alphamales) Kayden Gray (Hard Brit Lads) Troy Daniels (Titan Men) Josh West (COLT) Brad Patton (COLT) Thor Larsson (Titan Men) Derek Parker (Lucas Entertainment) Michael Lachlan (Lucas Entertainment) Trenton Ducati (Falcon) Aleks Buldocek (Titan Men) Nick Capra (Raging Stallion) Paddy O'Brien (Men.com) Casey WIlliams (Titan Men) Ricky Bombay (Lucas Entertainment) Rocco Steele (Raging Stallion) Eric Nero (Titan Men) Mickey Taylor (Men.com) Tom Paris (Cocksure Men) Caleb Roca (Men at Play) Luke Adams (Titan Men) Bobby Hart (Bareback That Hole) Johnny Hazzard (Men at Play) Patrik (Men at Play) Shane Frost (Lucas Entertainment) Geoffrey Paine (Lucas Entertainment) Shay Michaels (Titan Men) Carter Dane (Men at Play) Dario Leon (Lucas Entertainment) Charlie Harding (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Luke Harrington (Breed Me Raw) Christian Matthews (Butch Dixon) Anthony Thomas (Bulldog Pit) Jake Genesis (Titan Men) Lucio Saints (Tim Tales) Jake Lewis (Hard Brit Lads) Nick Andrews (Bareback That Hole) Trevor Spade (Cocksure Men) Devin Dixon (Raging Stallion) Patrick O'Connor (Cocksure Men) Alessio Romero (Bareback That Hole) Paul Walker (Lucas Entertainment) Scotty Rage (Cocksure Men) Joey Visconti (Lucas Entertainment) Rob Yaeger (TIM Fuck) Esteban Del Toro (Raging Stallion) Morgan Black (Lucas Entertainment) Rogan Richards (Titan Men) Enigma (TIM Fuck) Scott Hunter (Raging Stallion) Mario Domenech (Butch Dixon) Caleb King (Titan Men) Francois Sagat (Titan Men) Jake Andrews (Lucas Entertainment) Ryan Rose (Falcon) Josh Weston (COLT) Aitor Crash (World of Men) Valentino Medici (Lucas Entertainment) Angel Rock (Falcon) Paco (Men at Play) Harley Everett (Men.com) Jacob Lee (TIM Fuck) Paddy O'Brien (World of Men) Tyler Wolf (Lucas Entertainment) Dirk Caber (Titan Men) Devin Adams (Titan Men) Toby Dutch (Men at Play) Seamus O'Reilly (Raging Stallion) Ben Grey (Hard Brit Lads) Jimmy Visconti (Lucas Entertainment) Brett Bradley (Extra Big Dicks) Theo Reid (UK Naked Men) Kayden Fleming (Falcon)
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