Dean Monroe & Seth Roberts (Alphamales)

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It was actually pretty cool to see a film shot in a VIP area at a nightclub. It's the kind of thing you imagine to go on in these places but being non-VIPs you don't get to see it so it's a bit voyeuristic getting this glimpse.

It's great that the boys flip-fuck too and having very similarly slim and youthful bodies, it's pretty cool to these guys get together.

There's perhaps not as much chemistry as there are in other films but there's no denying these guys go at it good! - Scott Hunter

Caught with his fingers in the till, handsome, toned Seth is forced to appease his captor, dark haired Dean, by giving in to what he really wants. Scared to lose his job, Seth quickly realises what’s going on and strips naked, drops to his knees and gets brutally face fucked by this hung stud.

Both smooth bodies, defined torsos are fucking hot rubbing against each other, proud dick standing to full attention, and Seth’s hungry ass is wet with the anticipation of Dean’s entire dick being slammed deep.

If you aren’t already rock hard by now, Dean’s perfectly smooth body flexing and tightening as he thrusts into the yelping Seth will get you there, and when the close-ups begin of the fucking, hold on tight and don’t cum yet, Seth’s gonna get his own back and get Dean taking his dick until they both bust a nut and Seth explodes all over Deans stubbled face, leaving him covered in fresh spunk!

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Geoffrey, Hans & Tom Wolfe (Alphamales)

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Tags: Anal, Daddies, Double Penetration, Group, Muscle, Nipple Play, Tattoos, Uncut Cocks, Rosebud
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Cinematography (3*):
Good camera work and the sound is good, nothing radically different but it's great for the scene's content.

Scene/Set (3*):
It's a great, old house in the middle of nowhere in England and it has character. When you see all the scenes of the story built up you get a great feel for the place.

Storyline (4*):
Actually, the storyline of The Weekend (which this is a scene from) is pretty good as far as porn scene stories goes, all I can say is you need to watch them all to get it.

Action (3*):
All of these guys are good at what they do. I know them all personally and I love their work, put them together and it works. It's not explosive sex but it's a good watch. - Scott Hunter

The noise filters up to Tom’s room and, curious, he gets out of bed and down the stairs where he stops and enjoys the last of Joe. Geoffrey is still fucking Hans and Tom starts wanking in the dark corner of the steps. Hans sees him and invites him to join his party.

He walks over and jumps on the sofa, filling Hans’s mouth again while watching Geoffrey drill his ass for a while before the three move to the other end of the sofa and Hans sits on Tom’s cock and rides him. Geoffrey moves to the side of them alternating his cock between the two mouths.

They suck and Hans jumps up and down on the hard shaft until Geoffrey pulls him back and pushes him back on the sofa where he fucks the cum right out of him before adding a second load all over his body and right up to his face before slumping down and leaving Tom to add his own load to Hans’s body.

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Joe, Geoffrey & Hans (The Weekend) (Alphamales)

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Tags: Anal, Big Cocks, Double Penetration, Group, Hairy Holes, Rimming, Sweat, Wanking
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I was there when they shot this (and their loads); these boys know how to fuck a willing bottom...whilst there's no doubt these guys are hot and their dicks all look serisouly tasty, I'm not convinced it was the best 3some they've had. - Scott Hunter

Joe leads Hans to the sitting room, and, as planned, the two jump on each other as soon as they hit the couch.

Joe quickly takes Hans cock out and leans down to suck him hard and play with his hole. Hans spreads his legs and lets Joe fingers him before kneeling on the floor and working on Joe’s rod to make it hard enough to fill his ass.

Joe knows that’s what Hans is waiting for and pushes him over the arm rest of the couch and starts rimming his ass and loosening it up. While Joe is on the floor, face buried in Hans ass crack, Geoffrey walks in and joins the party.

He takes his cock out and fills Hans mouth, muffling his moans when Joe pushes his cock inside him and fucks him hard. Hans can’t do anything but let the two men spit roast him and service them ass and mouth, always full.

They turn him around and Geoffrey fills his ass again while Joe uses his mouth until he cums all over Hans’s shoulder and collapses down onto the sofa, letting his man to fuck Hans’s ass longer.

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Issac Jones & Randy Jones (Alphamales)

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Tags: Anal, Big Cocks, Daddies, Hairy Holes, Muscle, Oral, Rimming, Tattoos
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This is a hot scene, not just for uniform lovers, but those who love nice dicks, both Issac and Randy have lovely cocks and Randy's is big too. A pretty (rough) scene in parts, only downside is I'd rather Randy fucked more and made less noises beacsue he's a hot guy, that said, I wouldn't say no! - Scott Hunter

Muscle man Randy is back on the job, and this time he's got fellow copper Isaac to worship his massive muscles and thick uncut dick.

Tattooed and fucking handsome, cropped Isaac is a perfect specimen of a stud. Watching him down on his knees, licking Randy's boots and sucking hard on his solid shaft, all the while jerking his own nicely curved dick, it's pure heaven.

Not caring about the museum artifacts they're supposed to be guarding, Randy is laying on the couch, legs in the air and shouting instructions to the submissive Isaac, licking his ass, sucking his balls and devouring cock.

Isaac's own ass needs a seeing to before Randy can slam it home, and seeing it get rimmed in close-up will almost make you shoot your load right there - that ass is perfect! Trimmed, toned and tight, with Isaac's dick solid in front, Randy makes the most of it and spits on it getting it glistening wet and ready for a fucking.

Isaac's tanned body tones and tightens as Randy pushes down and flips him about, letting us see his hot chest and abs and that beautiful dick of his explode with cum!

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Tom Wolfe Solo (Alphamales)

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Tags: Body Hair, Hairy Holes, Muscle, Wanking
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If the truth be told, I've never really been a fan for solo wank videos. I can see the need for them as casting material and there is something sexy I suppose about watching a hot guy wank but to me it's not quite the same as a fuck on camera. That said, having worked with Tom, I know what this guy is like sexually and as a person and to me, that makes this hotter. It brings back memories of riding his dick and better yet, eating his load. He a very sexual guy and it's hot to see him again. - Scott Hunter

Few things feel better than an afternoon shower, the hot water washing away any tiredness, the lather mixing with your chest hair, the hand sliding all over your body...all very arousing.

And what's better than top a hot shower with a hot wank? Tom's muscular hairy body is now dry and he's back on his bed.

He lays down and pick up where he left off in the shower. His hand runs up and down his chest, pulling on the hair covering it, his cock stiff if the other one.

He plays with his whole body, lost in his own touch, squeezing his throbbing cock with both his hands till the urge of exploding takes over and he straddles the pillow, surely imagining, wishing there was a man under him, ready, waiting for him to deliver his sweet load.

He works his shaft till he can't hold any longer and collapses back on the bed, exhausted.

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Actor List:
Liam Magnuson (Raging Stallion) Adam Dexter (COLT) Alex Stan (Kristen Bjorn) Landon Conrad (Falcon) Brandon Moore (Club Inferno Dungeon) Craig Daniel (Hard Brit Lads) Spencer Reed (Men at Play) James Ryder (Hot House) Jimmy Durano (Falcon) Carter Dane (Men at Play) Dani Robles (Men at Play) Dean Monroe (Alphamales) Luke Desmond (Eurocreme) Drake Jaden (Men Over 30) Byron Saint (Titan Men) Shaw (Sean Cody) Hans Berlin (Lucas Entertainment) Seamus O'Reilly (Club Inferno Dungeon) Scott Hunter (The Hunter Diaries) Axel Brooks (Men at Play) Dean (Sean Cody) Marcus Isaacs (Lucas Entertainment) Adam Wirthmore (Falcon) Hans Berlin (Alphamales) Caleb King (Titan Men) Marco Rubi (Lucas Entertainment) Alessio Romero (Men Over 30) Tom Vojak (Kristen Bjorn) Leo Domenico (Titan Men) Josh West (Titan Men) Jessie Balboa (COLT) Liam Magnuson (Lucas Entertainment) Fabio Acconi (Falcon) Matt Brooks (Hard Brit Lads) Tony Orion (Raging Stallion) Landon Conrad (Men Over 30) Darren Robins (Bulldog Pit) Shane Frost (Lucas Entertainment) Dirk Caber (Fetish Force) Theo Reid (UK Naked Men) Fabio Stallone (Raging Stallion) JR Bronson (World of Men) Michael Lucas (Lucas Entertainment) Julio Rey (Butch Dixon) Raff Owen (Lucas Entertainment) Matt Stevens (Butch Dixon) Jake Jennings (Men Over 30) Travis Saint (Breed Me Raw) Patrick Tyson (Cocksure Men) Matt Hughes (Eurocreme) Nick Andrews (Bareback That Hole) Alex Ford (Hard Brit Lads) Matt Stevens (Men Over 30) Frank Valencia (UK Naked Men) Luckas Layton (Eurocreme) Adam Herst (Hard Brit Lads) Joey Visconti (Lucas Entertainment) Bobby Hart (Hot House) Seamus O'Reilly (Raging Stallion) Esteban Del Toro (Raging Stallion) Armond Rizzo (Men Over 30) Matthew Bosch (Titan Men) Nova Rubio (Lucas Entertainment) Tommy Defendi (Raging Stallion) Jack Union (Alphamales) Jacob Lee (TIM Fuck) Thor Larsen (Titan Men) Jay Black (World of Men) Aitor Crash (World of Men) Geoffrey Paine (Alphamales) Christian Matthews (Bareback That Hole) Chris Hollander (COLT) Andy West (Breed Me Raw) Adam Russo (Bareback That Hole) Eric Nero (Titan Men) John Magnum (COLT) Dallas Steele (Titan Men) Adam Soulska (COLT) Sean Duran (Men Over 30) Derek Parker (Club Inferno Dungeon) Nick Prescott (Titan Men) Bruno Bernal (Falcon) Alex Graham (UK Naked Men) Shay Michaels (Bareback That Hole) Dean Monroe ( Ulysse (Butch Dixon) Jay Brix (TIM Suck) Rob Yaeger (TIM Fuck) Randy Harden (TIM Fuck) Oscar Roberts (Hard Brit Lads) Justin D'Angelo (Eurocreme) Franko Gold (Lucas Entertainment) Scott Hunter (Lucas Entertainment) Jack Dobris (Cocksure Men) Alexander Gustavo (Hot House) Diesel Washington (Titan Men) Trevor Spade (Cocksure Men) Dirk Wakefield (Lucas Entertainment) Decon Hunter (Young Bastards) Adam Ramzi (Titan Men)
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