"Kristen Bjorn Casting"
Scott Hunter, Lucio Saints

Kristen Bjorn Casting (Kristen Bjorn)

Stars of this scene:

Lucio and Scott have been working a lot lately and finally find some time for themselves. Passionate kissing, touching and affection are all requirements for couples finding their way back to each other.

Lucio unleashes his mammoth cock and Scott moves right in and begins devouring his cock. Lucio loves the fact that Scott is able to handle his huge cock and balls.

So much so that Lucio feeds Scott his balls, filling his mouth and then filling it with his hard cock. Both men love sucking, gagging and choking on the others cock as they force the others cock down their throats.

Lucio preps Scott's hairy pink hole with his spit and fingers before he penetrates his wet hole. Lucio pulls out and then penetrates Scott completely before he begins his rhythmic fucking.

Scott repositions himself on top of Lucio so that Lucio can penetrate him deeper. Lucio pounds away relentlessly at Scott's dripping hole as Scott strokes his huge cock as both men's balls slap against each other.

Scott jumps off of Lucio and begins sucking on his straining cock, when Lucio releases his huge load that goes flying across the room. Scott continues sucking on Lucio's balls and erupts a huge, thick and creamy load. Don't let work get in the way of your sex life.

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Actor List:
Topher Di Maggio (Men.com) Sam Bishop (Hard Brit Lads) Max Cameron (TIM Suck) Dolan Wolf (Butch Dixon) Isaac Hardy (Butch Dixon) Adam Dexter (COLT) Davey Anthony (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Alessio Romero (Men Over 30) Brayden Forrester (Titan Men) Alex Marte (Men at Play) Jack (Sean Cody) Paddy O'Brien (Men.com) Dorian Ferro (Raging Stallion) Daniel Scott James (Hard Brit Lads) Dirk Caber (Titan Men) Scott Hunter (UK Naked Men) Daniel (Sean Cody) Aaron Mark (Lucas Entertainment) Sebastian Rossi (Lucas Entertainment) Scott Hunter (Hard Brit Lads) Adam Dacre (Men at Play) Sam Bishop (Butch Dixon) Marty Loket (Cocksure Men) Clay Foxe (Titan Men) Matt Hughes (Eurocreme) Christopher Daniels (Eurocreme) Alex Brando (Kristen Bjorn) Ray Nicks (Titan Men) Mickey Taylor (Young Bastards) Spencer Reed (Men.com) BJ Rhubarb (Lucas Entertainment) Will Swagger (Titan Men) Julio Rey (Butch Dixon) Allen Silver (Titan Men) Hans Berlin (Alphamales) Drew Brody (Hard Brit Lads) Trenton Ducati (Lucas Entertainment) Theo Reid (UK Naked Men) Landon Conrad (Lucas Entertainment) Byron Saint (Titan Men) Esteban Del Toro (Raging Stallion) Landon Conrad (Falcon) Shay Michaels (Bareback That Hole) Dani Robles (Men at Play) Nova Rubio (Lucas Entertainment) Scott Hunter (Alphamales) Axel Brooks (Men at Play) Fernando Torres (Lucas Entertainment) Micahel Laughlan (Lucas Entertainment) Daniel James (Hard Brit Lads) Adam Sins (Cocksure Men) Dario Beck (Titan Men) Rocky Torrez (World of Men) Matthew Bosch (Titan Men) Luke Adams (COLT) Luke Adams (Titan Men) Dato Foland (Men at Play) Carter Dane (Men at Play) Tony Wilder (UK Naked Men) Ben Grey (Hard Brit Lads) Jessy Ares (Butch Dixon) Rio Silver (Men at Play) Justin Blake (Bulldog Pit) Rikk York (Men Over 30) Devin Dixon (Raging Stallion) Adam Ramzi (Titan Men) Draven Torres (Breed Me Raw) Rogan Richards (Men at Play) Marcus Issacs (Lucas Entertainment) Troy Daniels (Titan Men) Lance Luciano (Falcon) Kevin Blake (Falcon) Javi Velaro (Lucas Entertainment) Alfie Stone (The Hunter Diaries) Viktor Rom (Men at Play) Marc Dylan (COLT) Nick Sterling (Falcon) Blake Daniels (Lucas Entertainment) David Benjamin (Titan Men) Dustin Steele (Cocksure Men) Casey WIlliams (Titan Men) Ivo Kerk (Cocksure Men) Jake Mitchell (TIM Fuck) Ryan Young (Hard Brit Lads) Justin Harris (Hard Brit Lads) Franco Ferarri (Lucas Entertainment) Colton Grey (Lucas Entertainment) Dirk Wakefield (Lucas Entertainment) Leo Domenico (Titan Men) Johnny Hazzard (Men at Play) Cutler X (Breed Me Raw) Jake Richards (The Hunter Diaries) Bob Hager (COLT) Adam Russo (Bareback That Hole) JP Dubois (Falcon) Jay Black (World of Men) Abraham Monentegro (Butch Dixon) Rikk York (Butch Dixon) Rob Yaeger (TIM Fuck) Adam Russo (Men Over 30)
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