"Scott Hunter and Theo Reid"
Scott Hunter, Theo Reid


OK guys. I'm a normal human being. I use apps to meet guys like anybody else. What I've been finding is that an increasing number of your have been upset because I haven't replied or I have offended you.

Upon further investigation, it's turning out that you're not talking to me but fake profiles of guys arranging meets and cancelling, talking to you like dirt or genuinely not being the kind of person I am.

So, I've created this page to let you know of other profile I know of which are not me.

If you suspect you're not talking to me, please get in touch and complete my on-line form and verify that you have been speaking to me.

If you haven't, I would kindly ask that you take a screen shot of the conversation and the profile page of the person you want to report. Then, between us, we can report him and get this cracked.

I really would appreciate your help in ensuring if you speak to me, you really speak to me!

If you have an iOS device, you can send me the screen shots and report the profile to me providing this information by sending a message to: profile-verifcation-1@scotthunter.xxx and you put that address where you would normally use the phone number. It must be in 'Messages' (formerly known as 'iMessage') as this comes direct to my phone.

For information, i am using the following apps:

Some of the fake profiles are listed below:


Hornet App: Fake 01

Actor List:
Ennio Guardi (Breed Me Raw) Eric Nero (Titan Men) Decon Hunter (Young Bastards) Jimmy Visconti (Lucas Entertainment) Mickey Rush (Cocksure Men) Daniel James (Hard Brit Lads) Jake Lewis (Hard Brit Lads) Topher Di Maggio (Men.com) Alex Ford (Hard Brit Lads) Marco Rubi (Lucas Entertainment) Quentin Gainz (Next Door Raw) Micah Brandt (Titan Men) Rikk York (Men Over 30) Franko Gold (Lucas Entertainment) Logan Rogue (Lucas Entertainment) Landon Conrad (Lucas Entertainment) Scott Hunter (Lucas Entertainment) Dean Monroe (Alphamales) Theo Reid (Bulldog Pit) Luke Adams (COLT) ZBoy 25 (Lucas Entertainment) Shawn Wolfe (Raging Stallion) Rafael Carreras (Lucas Entertainment) Travis Saint (Breed Me Raw) Axel Brooks (Men at Play) George Ce (Titan Men) Danny Montero (Hard Brit Lads) Alex Brando (Kristen Bjorn) Leo Domenico (Titan Men) Justin Cruise (Lucas Entertainment) Isaac Hardy (Butch Dixon) Matt Stevens (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Dallas Steele (Titan Men) Adrian Toledo (UK Naked Men) Edji Da Silva (Lucas Entertainment) Brayden Forrester (Titan Men) Jordan Boss (Falcon) Jessy Ares (Men at Play) Randy Harden (TIM Fuck) Dan Broughton (Hard Brit Lads) Ollie (Sean Cody) Darren Robbins (Hard Brit Lads) Scott Hunter (Hard Brit Lads) Ryan Young (Hard Brit Lads) Thor Larsen (Titan Men) Chris Bines (Hot House) Scotty Rage (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Scott Hunter (Butch Dixon) Patrick Tyson (Cocksure Men) Nate Karlton (COLT) Scott Hunter (World of Men) Dolf Dietrich (Fisting Central) Darren Robins (Bulldog Pit) Paddy O'Brien (Men.com) Spencer Reed (Men.com) Fabio Lopez (Lucas Entertainment) Fabio Acconi (Falcon) Toby Dutch (Lucas Entertainment) Brett Bradley (Extra Big Dicks) Harley Everett (Men.com) Christian Matthews (Breed Me Raw) Michael Lucas (Lucas Entertainment) Dirk Wakefield (Lucas Entertainment) Spencer Reed (Alphamales) Nick Sterling (Falcon) Enigma (TIM Fuck) Jed Athens (Titan Men) Kayden Gray (Bulldog Pit) Marco Sessions (Lucas Entertainment) Hans Berlin (Alphamales) Trenton Ducati (Falcon) Tony Orion (Raging Stallion) Alessio Romero (Club Inferno Dungeon) Gabriel Vanderloo (Men at Play) Julio Rey (Kristen Bjorn) Liam Magnuson (Lucas Entertainment) Micahel Laughlan (Lucas Entertainment) Max Cameron (Raging Stallion) Hector De Silva (Men at Play) Sean (Sean Cody) Jonathan Agassi (Lucas Entertainment) Tommy Defendi (Raging Stallion) Dirk Caber (Alphamales) Damien Crosse (Alphamales) Valentino Medici (Lucas Entertainment) Ben Grey (Hard Brit Lads) David Lambert (Lucas Entertainment) Boomer Banks (Raging Stallion) Mark Brown (Cocksure Men) Devin Adams (Titan Men) Jeremy Stevens (Raging Stallion) Javi Velaro (Lucas Entertainment) Troy Daniels (Titan Men) Theo Reid (Hard Brit Lads) Scotty Rage (Bareback That Hole) Seth Roberts (Lucas Entertainment) Diesel Washington (Titan Men) Derrick Hanson (COLT) Ray Han (Raging Stallion) Scott Hunter (Alphamales)
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