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glasgow here i come
Fri, 18 Jul 2014 02:18:09 GMT

so guys, it's time for Glasgow Pride! What have I let myself in for?!

Well, I'm just about to set off on my train journey up the country so here's a run down on where I will be and exactly when. I hope I see you guys there!

london pride weekend
Tue, 1 Jul 2014 12:47:14 GMT

So guys, as you know, it was Pride last weekend in London and it was amazing.

Aside from getting INCREDIBLY wet at one point, I think I pleased the customers of Nero on Frith Street when I flew in, running in the torrential downpour like superman, in through the door and into the store to meet my friend BANG on time yet clothing stuck to my body like clingfilm!

After I dried off, I went to Prowler in Soho where I spent the afternoon mingling with load of people, getting the odd kiss and cuddle from people and even stroking an incredibly hot guys legs.

Have a look at the photos on Facebook if you want to see how I got on there.

If however, you fancied seeing something a little more risque, then check out the video by clicking the image below to see a few snippets from the R18 show I put on in Eagle, Vauxhall with Alfie Stone!

Eagle R18 with Alfie Video

summer appearances 2014
Sat, 14 Jun 2014 06:08:05 GMT

Hi guys, I know, I know, I've been slack (and not the way I'd like) but here's the new updates. You can find out all about where I'm going to be over the next few weeks.

In this blog entry, you'll see the run down of my whereabouts, the details of my appearances for Expectations, Prowler, Pride, also about a rare live show at R18 in the Eagle in Vauxhall!

Check out the latest video entry too where you can hear all about it, see the garden and find out my views and the answer to the question I'm asked frequently, 'will you ever be filming bareback?'.

Events for 2014

Eagle R18 with Alfie

Pride Glasgow 2014

june gym and diet update
Wed, 28 May 2014 11:27:09 GMT

So, I've been plodding along at 74KG ish again for a while now and I kind of hit another plateua.

I have an amazing friend who is a professional body builder and Mr Olympia guy so, together we sat down and had a chat about what I need to work on and develop. One thing was, I need to eat more to try and maintain my higher body weight, the other was to adjust training to focus a bit more on parts of my body which I think need development.

So, together, after two hours, we came up with a new diet and a new training programme so I though I would share it with you.


Meal - 3487Kcal
Carbs (g)
Protein (g)
Fats 9 (g)

100g Oats
40g Protein from a shake
1 Large banana


4-Egg Omellette plus 2 egg whites with 2 baby plum tomatoes
200g Sweet Potato



300g White Potato
170g Chicken



90g Cornflakes
40g Protein from a shake



100g Brown Rice
170g Beef with Veg or Salmon equivalent




40g Protein from Shake
30g Almonds




Pre Workout:
3 Rice Cakes
30g Honey

Post Workout:
40g Protein from a shake
30g Raisins






Total (g) 346 339 82
KCals - Total - 3478KCal


1356 (39%) 738 (21%)


That gives a graphical breakdown a bit like this:


June Food 2014


Then, this is the training programme; a 3-day split, 3-on, 1-off:


Cycle 1
Legs with Shoulders
Heavy 5 Sets Squats 8-10 Reps
4 Sets Hack Squat 8-10 Reps
4 Sets Incline Leg Press 8-10 Reps
4 Sets Laying Leg Curl 8-10 Reps
Pump Superset (4 Sets) Side Lateral Raises
Press (DB, BB or HS)
Around 12 Reps
3 Sets Side Lateral Raises 10,10,10 Reps

Chest with Biceps
Heavy 5 Sets Incline Press 8-10 Reps
5 Sets  Incline Flyes 8-10 Reps
4 Sets  Cable Crossover 8-10 Reps
Pump Dropset (4 Sets) Preacher Curl
Hammer Curl
Seated Incline Curl
10-12 Reps
10-12 Reps
10-12 Reps

Back with Triceps
3 Sets  Pull Ups 8-10 Reps
4 Sets Seated Cable Close-Grip Row 8-10 Reps
4 Sets  Bent Over BB Row 8-10 Reps 
4 Sets Deadlift 8-10 Reps 
Pump Superset (4 Sets) Close Grip Bench Press
Rope Press Down
12-15 Reps
Superset (3 Sets) Skull Crushers
Triceps Extension Rear
12-15 Reps



Cycle 2
Legs with Shoulders
Pump 4 Sets Lighter Weight Squat 20 Reps
4 Sets Lighter Weight Leg Press 20 Reps
3 Sets Leg Extensions 20 Reps
Heavy 4 Sets Rear Delt Raises 8-10 Reps
4 Sets Side Lateral Raises 8-10 Reps
4 Sets Front Press (DB, BB or HS) 8-10 Reps
3 Sets  Side Lateral Raises 8-10 Reps 

Chest with Biceps
Pump Superset (5 Sets) Incline DB Press
Incline Flyes
10-12 Reps
10-12 Reps
Superset (3 Sets) Machine Chest Press
Cable Crossover
10-12 Reps
10-12 Reps
Heavy 3 Sets Preacher Curl 12 Then 8-10 Reps
3 Sets Hammer Curl 8-10 Reps
3 Sets Seated DB Curl 8-10 Reps

Back with Triceps
Superset (4 Sets) Barbell Row
Close Grip Seated Row
10-12 Reps
10-12 Reps
Superset (4 Sets) Bent over T-Bar Row (Wide Grip)
Lat Pulldown
10-12 Reps
10-12 Reps
Heavy 3 Sets Wide Press Down 8-10 Reps
3 Sets Close Grip Heavy Pressdown 8-10 Reps
3 Sets EZ Bar French Press 8-10 Reps


scott interviews tim kruger
Fri, 23 May 2014 08:45:28 GMT

OK, when I started filming porn, one of the guys I always wanted to work with was someone who I thought was in such demand and so highly sought after that I had no idea that one day I would end up working with him.

Not only did I end up working for Tim Kruger, I ended up getting fucked by him which was a dream come true for me.

Tim Kruger 3One of things which struck me when I met Tim was how nice he was. He was such a kind, welcoming and warm host.

I'm using this opportunity to let you know more about him and to help you learn what kind of guy is behind the huge, monster cock, sexy, pale skin and cheeky grin.

When I was young, I can think back and remember thinking to myself "he looks like a nice man" when I was 6 and in an electrical store with my parents, looking for a new cooker.

I often wondered when other guys, especially such sexual guys like Tim, when they first knew or suspected they might be gay.

"I do not know exactly an age but as far as I remember I always liked guys. When I was young, I always convinced my friends to play and touch a bit but I also had some girlfriends and played with them too. Always very vanilla so I never actually fucked a woman yet", Tim tells me.

That's brilliant. I was the same, well, with the exception of the women bit. I had a friend in school who I first played with when I was 10 at a sleep over, it was when I really knew that I loved playing with a guy.

Over years then, I gradually learned that I liked specific types of guys, I think until I was in my 30's I had about 4 or 5 different types I went for.

"When I was young, I loved muscle daddies very much" Tim explains. "I still love them and have one as my boyfriend but as I got older, I liked different types of guys. Today I do not have any specific type of guys. Younger or older , slim or muscled I really don't care as long there is something that I find sexy and interesting and attracts me. Same goes for race, I include all".

This is another thing I'm glad to read, it seems with guys like us, we tend to like guys if we like them. Simple as that. The days of types have gone for me, if there's something I like about a guy, I like him.

It was relatively easy for me at school. Whilst not ideal, like many, I denied the questions "are you gay?" etc. and said that I wasn't for fear of the repercussions.

Some of my friends, who I knew would end up being gay, were asked the same thing and one even had stones thrown at him. He was quite effeminate whereas I was much like the others, albeit slightly quiet.

"Sometimes the guys or even some girls called me gay in school and made a bit fun of me but I never felt really bullied by that. Although they called me that they always included me in their group and social life anyway.

When guys called me gay I think it was usually just jealousy because I was always surrounded by the prettiest girls".

Something I found when I came out. Most of the pretty girls liked me, I think on many levels it's because deep down, they can sense when a guy is gay and feel comfortable with him.
One of my other friends in school, (well, I wanted him to be a friend but never quite made it) was a lad called Sam who was stunning. He was the first guy I ever had a major crush on and what struck me was he was so sexy. Both him and his younger brother were just gorgeous, his brother was dark, Italian looking and Sam was pale and had bright red hair.

Sometimes I've seen photos of Tim and noticed a red tint to his hair. When I asked Tim said "I think it´s a mix of blond, brown and red. In the summer and when sun it gets more blond and red. My beard is way more red then my hair".

I personally have a huge thing for a sexy strawberry blonde or red-headed guy. This is in part due to the fact that I have found out of extensive (but by no means enough) research that red heads tend to have FAT cocks.

I've discovered not a single red head who doesn't have a fat cock. Tall, slim red heads have huge, fat and long cocks.

I put these findings to Tim to see what he thought. He tells me "I'm not sure if you can say that in general, I think it's more of a myth or wishful thinking of you". He's possibly right but I like to carry on thinking that.

"I saw pretty much slim redheads with tiny cocks. I think there is no rule and it's just a surprise but nowadays with grindr, scruff etc. you know exactly what you get even before you meet".

Of course, that relies on the fact that they're not using someone else's photos!

The type of photos they would show and this happens even to me, is that of another guy's cock or arse. It's no lie and I make no illusion, I love hung guys and Tim is a VERY hung guy.

Tim Kruger 1I wonder though if this is a blessing or a curse. Does this lovely, sensitive guy get used just for having a huge cock?

"I think that happens quiet often that guys only wanna meet me because of the size of my cock but if it's just about sex that's fine for me because this way I get to fuck guys I would not get if my cock would be small. And there are still enough people who meet because they wanna know me better or think I'm just a nice guy".

That's me included sexy. The first thing that hit me was how lovely Tim was when I first met him for real in Spain.

A natural assumption to make is that Tim got into porn because of that huge cock and because of the number of guys who would love to get to have a go on it. So, is that how and why he started?

"I learned in a big German department store and sold every kind of stuff before I moved to Berlin and started from zero... The first job I got was in a porn store selling DVDs, magazines and all kind of sex toys.

There were also some porn star appearances so that was my first contact to the world of porn. I became interested in doing a porn movie but not really because of the sex or money but mostly because I wanted to know how they do it, how it all works on a porn set and in the porn world.

So I sent an email to a few big porn companies in the USA and after a few days I got a phone call from porn legend Michael Brandon who invited me to San Francisco to do a video for Raging Stallion that he directed. So that was the beginning of my 'career'".

So, Tim was soon projected into the world of porn and very pleased about that we are too, aren't we?
In porn, hung guys are highly sought after, many guys contact me and ask if they could get into porn, they often worry that they can't because they don't have a huge cock.

Tim adds, "Because I think that's what most of the people want to see. I personally don't wanna see a guy with a small cock being top. It does not have to be huge but at least it should be big". Given that in my opinion, Tim is huge, I wonder what his version of 'big' is!

"There is just one exception, if the guys are really muscled then it's ok because I concentrate on the beautiful body. So lucky I'm hung because for the body I would not hire me".

So, Tim likes guys of all sorts, big, hairy, small, sexy, hung, muscular. Does this reflect in the casting of his awesome company, Tim Tales?

"Well, we always had and have a lot of different kind of guys on the site and never concentrated of one specific kind of look. There is someone for every kind of taste I would say".

One of my followers recently almost laid into me about the lack of Asian and black guys in porn.

One reason I love Tim Tales is because you use a mix of white, black, Latino guys. I wonder why Tim thinks there are less black, Asian and Latino guys in mainstream porn?

"I really don't know why there are not more, you should asked the big mainstream companies about that. I worked a lot with Latino, black guys and a few Asian guys and some people like it and some people don't like it".

"I think if you wanna start in Porn you should either be muscular, athletic, have a big cock or you're just young with a cute face.

Maybe sounds a bit harsh but porn is a bit superficial because your body or certain attributes of it is all the people out there see when they watch porn. They can not evaluate if you have a nice character or a big heart but all of this doesn't mean you will be suitable for porn.

Some guys are beautiful but don't know how to fuck or how to be a good bottom".

Tim Tales is a very popular site with an enormous following. The studio is a joint venture between Tim and his very sexy and muscly partner.

"We were already together when I started porn" Tim tells me, "First he was a bit jealous but he said if I wanna try it then go for it. Nowadays he is pretty relaxed with it and only jealous when I have sex with a guy who is a bit the same type like him".

"We're getting along pretty good and everybody can realize their own ideas. Mostly, he does all the technical stuff and I do the socializing, booking models and all the other things that are to do when we're not filming".

Tim Kruger 2This year, the couple will have been together "about 8 years more or less. More or less because there was no special day where we said 'from this day on we're a couple'".

I have to say I'd only seen a couple of photos of Tim's partner before I arrived for filming and I have to say, for a lover of older, muscular, hung guys, I was very happy to see both of them.

They make a very hot couple and I won't lie, I did have hopes of being stuck in between them.

I wonder, if like my partner and I, Tim and his man have guys over?
"Threesomes usually only do happen when we're out together and take a guy home. This way we can see and check if we both like the guy and we both get along with him well. Also we can see if the guy likes us both and not only one of us".

When I met the guys, I realised how comfortable they were with each other and the filming was nothing like being on a huge American set. It was professional and all I would expect but with the difference that it was laid back and I think that level of comfort came about because the guys themselves were such 'normal' guys.

They were making drinks for each other, asking each other questions about what to do, it was so great to get to work in this environment.

In porn, a lot of relationships are false or superficial, fake or put on, this wasn't the case with Tim.

"Well I have a pretty normal life" Tim was keen to tell me.

"I meet my friends, go to the cinema or to the beach in summer because it's not far from our house in Barcelona, travel a lot or just relax on the sofa with watching a DVD with my boyfriend".

Sounds nice. I'm all for nights in. It's actually pretty rare that I go out now, I don't know if that's because I'm getting older or just because I value my privacy and quiet time.

What I do know is my on-screen persona is a true reflection of me in private and sometimes I need to keep myself quiet to stay that person who I love to be.

"I'm pretty much the same persona in real life as I am on video" Tim says. Like me, what you see, is what you get.

"I do not act in the videos but of course some people have another image of me anyway. They only see me fucking in front of camera and not much more so they only can assume how I am in real life".

Well, that's why I wanted to write more about this article, so people can realise how each porn actor is different but how many are genuinely loving, caring guys.

I'm hoping to get back to Spain to see Tim soon. I remember that he and his partner had not long arrived in Spain when I worked with them.

"For now I'm pretty happy in Spain. After so many years in Germany we just wanted to try something new. Something with a bit better weather and a different vibe. So for now I don't really know where else I wanna live. Maybe I would try Bangkok, New York".

I hope not, not just yet anyway. I love Spain and I love where the guys are so hopefully, I'll get back there before you up sticks and move to Thailand Tim! haha.

Many people will have noticed a sudden upsurge in bareback porn. Don't get me wrong, it's hot, I love watching and I know loads of people do too. Many of the huge companies though were very anti-bb but now have done a complete U-turn.

"Tim Tales always had bareback videos from day one and we continue to mix bareback and safe videos so we do not have to jump on any wagon. If I see all the companies who talked so bad about all the studios and websites who did bareback and now they all start bareback as well, I just wonder. Must be an act of desperation".

Therein lies some truth I fear. Many of the companies and groups are finding it harder and harder to satisfy people, not only that, so many of us are illegally downloading porn and that's costing the jobs at studios and the actor's wages. Trust me, I know first hand.

Many companies are diversifying into on-line shops, photography, casting for other companies etc. I wonder how Time Tales could diversify?

Well, I was told by a little birdie that Tim recently did modelling of a more conventional type.

"Yes I did a fashion show during Barcelona Fashion week for a Spanish designer and it was a fun and different experience. But even before I started porn, I did a bit of modelling and for example did a commercial for a telephone company. If I get any offers that are interesting for me of course I try them. Porn is just a part of my life and there are many other thing is still wanna do".

Nice one! So, Tim is always open to new ideas, new avenues to peruse and what's great is he's totally grounded, has a long term, loving relationship, a great new life in Spain and is making the most of every minute.

I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into the success story of Tim Kruger and you now realise, yes, he has a perfect cock but there's much more to him than just that hunk of meat.

I hope you'll come back next time.

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