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day in the life of scott hunter
Fri, 24 Oct 2014 00:13:45 GMT

Now you can see what my typical day is really like, working my 4 jobs and all the hours I can, you'll hopefully see I'm a regular guy, working hard and trying to make a living...


new calendar out now
Thu, 23 Oct 2014 12:18:24 GMT

It's here! I'm taking orders now for my new 2015 wall calendar. Bigger and better than ever before and over twice the size, double the image and even more amazing photos, have a look at the video and hop over and place your order. I am shipping WORLDWIDE so don't watse your time!


eagle expectations hotwired and body
Sun, 14 Sep 2014 09:34:55 GMT

ice bucket challenge
Mon, 25 Aug 2014 08:31:35 GMT

Well, thanks to Natalie Davies and my hot buddy Rogan Richards, I have been nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

In light of recent events, I felt it should be done and coming from these two people I couldn't say no. Although, Rogan claims it was Wampa who nominated me, I have my suspicions that his Dad may have put him up to it.


Either way, not one to shy away from responsibility, I donned my joggers and set to recording the evidence for you this morning.

Within the 24-hour challenge window, I completed my own Ice Bucket Challenge and also donated to the cause.

If you want to take part or simply donate, you can find out more about the Ice Bucket Challenge at Motor Neurone Disease website or donate via text or JustGive:

Here's my submission and I hereby nominate:

Sat, 16 Aug 2014 12:05:16 GMT

Hi guys, I realise I haven't written much in far too long.

I've been away on holiday, had all of the pride events to get through, I've done a couple of films and some other things have been going on which have been taking up my time.

Pride Glasgow Scott Hunter KiltFirstly, the Pride events all went amazingly and in particular, Glasgow was amazing. If you missed it, I was sporting an awesome kilt and if I don't say so myself, it looked pretty bloody hot, I want to wear it for a night out!

The guys in Scotland were amazing and I got the chance to take several photo shoots too, if you want to check them out, the albums are:

To have a look at how great the festival was, The Polo Lounge did an awesome video clip, if you keep your eyes peeled around the 55 second mark in the clip, you'll see my jock auction where Ian kindly donated over £200 for my jocks and socks to charity for GMH.

As well as the success of Glasgow, there were events at Prowler, Expectations in Birmingham and London and at the same time I was in London, I filmed a new scene for Butch Dixon with Alfie Stone.

After filming that, I was fortunate enough to also get to film a brand new style of scene across three, yes, three scenes for a trilogy of films for Men.com. I will give you more news about that when I'm allowed to but at the moment, I'm under hush hush orders so watch this space.

As well as the enjoyable stuff I have had to deal with issues at one of my other jobs which has really taken it's toll on me and worn me out. I'm consequently updating my CV and on the hunt for new possibilities. I would like to reach into my personal training qualification and maybe pursue that as a possible avenue.

Rogan Richards making my pants dirtyWith that in mind, I was more concreted in the idea when I was lucky enough to spend the last three days with a very good friend of mine, Rogan Richards.

Whilst in London, we did a duo photo shoot together and I have decided that Rogan has a similar body to me, albeit a lot bigger, but that's now become my focus. I have decided, I want to aim for a bigger, chunkier build like Rogan has and I'm going to start gearing up toward that aim. So, watch this space.

The photo shoot may or may not result in the photos Rogan had in mind but we will see how they come out in post editing. In the meantime, Rogan came back to Chester again and we managed to do some interesting photos ourself around my house.

Rogan was keen to get me to pose in ways that I'm not used to. It's true, I don't often do any other poses than sultry, sexy or porn. So, it wasn't easy but there's actually a couple of photos that have come out of it that don't look like my style, don't look like me but they were fun doing and they look pretty good. When they're done, I will be getting them up online so you can see.

In case you're interested, the pants Rogan has on in this photo were worn by him and myself for the photo shoots both in London and at home, covered in mud and filled with our sweat. They will shortly be for sale on the Hunter Store website, hit the link at the top of the page and look in the clothing section of my site!

Rogan Richards and Scott Hunter August 2014

I will try and get my act together and get and start to write more in the future. In the meantime, I'm asking for your questions again for the return of ASK SCOTT. Behind the Mask: Ask Scott will be your chance to ask what you really want to know. Don't be afraid to ask me whatever you like, get to know me, find out what you want to know about me, the industry, what it's been like to work with the guys I've worked with. Failing that, ask me what it's like being gay, what the scene's like in Chester, whatever you like!

Ask Scott - Behind the Mask

If you want to take part, drop me an email using the contact form or if you're using an Apple device, you can contact me instantly using the Messages app by using the email address 'ask@scott-hunter.com' where you'd normally enter the phone number of the person you want to send an iMessage to.

More news will follow shortly guys but for now... I have to go and cook dinner!!


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